Bay Bird Team

We're more than just publicists. We're culture ambassadors.

Our Team

The connector between brands + consumers

We believe in story. Our specialty is transforming life + style concepts into simple, effective narratives that engage media and consumers by instilling a sense of genuine connection. Every campaign our team creates is built from scratch and aligned to fit our clients’ unique brands, audiences and objectives.

The diversity of our expertise far outweighs the traditional agency model. The combination of creative and strategic counsel, marketing and public relations, along with a pure lifestyle focus, makes us unique in the industry.

The Birds
Peyton Robertson

Mama Bird. Oenophile. Former cinema junkie. Wannabe drummer. I spy Danish design. Always travel with hot sauce. Louisiana to California with Georgia in between. @baybirdincpr @peytonpr

Alex Harmon

Dailey Method devotee. Beach babe. Rosè all day. Cat lady. Parisienne wannabe. Gypset for life. Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal. @alex.thegirl

Natalie McCain
Agency Manager

Full circle Bird. She keeps her Moet & Chandon in a pretty cabinet. San Diego and back by way of Brooklyn. Craft beer and Bergdorfs. Well versed in etiquette, extraordinarily nice. Runway instigator and queen of the lookaway. @nataliesaid

Claire Reiner
Digital Content & Community Specialist

Vintage Levi lover. Mocha drinker. California enthusiast. Small business supporter. The Bellwether. Notable laugher. @claireiner @thebell.wether

Cindy Nixon
Culinary Team Manager

Aesthetically inclined. '90s hip hop enthusiast. Vinyl collector. Playlist curator. Mick Jagger impersonator. Mezcal sipper. Bring on the briny bivalves. @agirlnamedcindy

Sarah Markiewicz
Junior Culinary Publicist

Vertically challenged pizza enthusiast. Nomadic thrill-seeker. Matcha maniac. Chaser of sunsets. Wannabe baker. Clean beauty junkie. Gemini. Producer of happy tears. @markiewiczsarah

Life At Bay Bird

We soak up life + style and then spread the good word.